The silent Parkmore Distillery

Whisky, that was: Parkmore Distillery

The Parkmore Distillery in Dufftown is largely unknown, even among whisky enthusiasts, for the simple reason that there is nothing left of its whisky.

(All images Copyright Johann Brandstaetter)

The short history of the Parkmore Distillery started during the late Victorian boom years, in 1894. Over the next few decades it was sold and re-sold several times, and eventually ended up in the hands of Scottish Malt Distillers in 1930.

Only a year later the distillery was mothballed, apparently because of problems with its water source. In 1940 a licence was issued, but the distillery was never to produce whisky again. One source, however, claims that the maltings where used until the late 1960s.

Legend has it that all the casks with Parkmore whisky where destroyed at the time of the mothballing or shortly afterwards.

The equipment was removed and in 1988 Parkmore was bought by Highland Distilleries, the predecessor of today’s Edrington Group.

Today, the distillery buildings are still in very good condition. Some parts have been obviously used quite recently and the warehouses are maintained and used by Edrington to mature some of their whiskies.

The distillery is easy to find: once in Dufftown, just drive past the Glenfiddich car park and Balvenie Castle, cross the river and turn left at the junction. Pass under the railway bridge. Ater about 200m the road branches, continue on the left and after a few hundred metres you will see the distillery on your left.

Sources: Dufftown Speyside Whisky Festival,


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