Scotch Whisky in Pictures: The Balvenie Distillery

If you travel to Dufftown, the centre of the (whisky-) world, you cannot avoid noticing the whisky behemoth, Glenfiddich Distillery. Its smaller cousin, The Balvenie, is much less conspicuous although it is practically next door and not exactly a small distillery either.

With 5.6m litres of alcohol distilled per year The Balvenie is currently ranking 10th among the Scotch whisky distilleries, but hidden away behind a stand of tall trees and overwhelmed by its mighty neighbour only hardened whisky nerds will bother to find it.

But The Balvenie is one of the most amazing distilleries to visit in Scotland! They grow their own barley (well, at least a small part), operate a massive malting plant and offer a distillery tour that is second to none.

In case you couldn’t manage to book your tour early enough*, have a look at my picture gallery. Hope you enjoy it! For images of Glenfiddich, the largest malt whisky distillery in Scotland, click here.

(All images Copyright Johann Brandstaetter)

*If you want to visit The Balvenie at a specific date during the summer I recommend booking at least six weeks in advance!


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