Warehouse, Deanston Distillery

Pic of the Month: Warehouseman handling casks, Deanston Distillery

Inside the former spinning room, now bonded warehouse, Deanston Distillery

Warehouse, Deanston Distillery
Warehouseman rolling casks, Deanston Distillery
(Image Copyright Johann Brandstaetter, for terms image use please click here)

The Deanston Distillery near Doune in Stirlingshire is unique in more than one way. First and foremost, I does not look like any other distillery in Scotland because it is housed in a converted cotton mill. Deanston also continues to generate its own power, feeding any excess into the power grid.

The former spinning room with its vaulted ceiling now serves as warehouse and the warehousemen have it somewhat easier than in many other distilleries. The all-concrete floor makes it much easier to move the casks around and Deanston predominantly uses ex-Bourbon barrels for maturation which weigh less than 40% of a Sherry butt when full.

The Deanston Distillery offers a range of interesting tours for visitors, fees start from £9 (including a £5 voucher for use in the distillery shop). For more information click here.

Image details:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 50D with Tokina 11-16mm, f/2.8 (set at 14mm)
  • ISO 3200, 1/2 s, f/3.2
  • post processing in Capture One Pro

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