Ex-Bourbon barrels, Coleburn Distillery

Whisky, that was – Coleburn Distillery

Founded in 1897, during the boom years of the late Victorian age, the Coleburn Distillery quietly produced a largely unremarkable malt whisky until the mid-1980s.

(All images Copyright Johann Brandstaetter, for terms image use please click here)

Almost all the output went into blended whiskies and it is quite rare to find a Coleburn bottled as single malt (for example in Gordon & Macphail’s Connoisseurs Choice range).

The distillery was mothballed in 1985 during the big downturn. It sat idly for a decade or so, then planning permission was sought to turn it into  residential flats and later into a whisky hotel. However, nothing became of these plans and in 2014 the new independent bottler Murray Mcdavid began using the warehouses for maturing their stock.

So, after it looked for a while that another piece of Scotch whisky history would disappear for good, there is now a new lease of live for the Coleburn Distillery. And what live it’s going to be! Murray Mcdavid is one of the dynamic, young and wild bottling companies and the developments promise an exciting future.

Murray Mcdavid offers distillery visits and whisky tastings by prior appointment and the distillery you can also book the distillery for parties and events.


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