Maltbarn, Brora Distillery

Whisky, that was – Brora Distillery

The original Clynelish Distillery – later re-named Brora – went silent in 1983 after operating along its newer neighbour, the (new) Clynelish for 14 years. All the equipment is still there, an inquisitive visitor can still see the stills through the dirty windows.

(All Images Copyright 2015 Johann Brandstaetter)

The old Clynelish Distillery was founded by the Marquis of Stafford (later the first Duke of Sutherland) in 1819 and operated under different owners more or less continuously, with only short silent periods. In 1930 the DCL (later to become Diageo) took full ownership.

Because of the popularity of Clynelish whisky, demand began to overtake the production capacity and in 1967 a new distillery was built on an adjacent plot. The new distillery – now named Clynelish – and the old one – now Brora – where operated side by side until 1983, when the owner (now Diageo) decided to mothball Brora.

The latest news are that Clynelish Distillery is now going silent for at least ten months in 2016 for ‘expansion and refurbishment’.

Let us see what is going to happen up there in the far north of Scotland…


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