Stillman at the Edradour Distillery

Gallery: Edradour Distillery

The Edradour Distillery is famous for its old-fashioned equipment and production methods. They claim to produce ‘the last handmade malt [whisky] in Scotland’. I am not sure whether Edradour is the last and only distillery to rely on traditional methods but so far I never saw another one where everything (from milling to bottling) is done on-site and mostly by hand.

That is also the reason for the almost insignificant production volume of just 120,000 litres (of absolute alcohol) per year. But things are changing and construction of the new Edradour 2 distillery has already started, but more about this in a separate post.

Here just a few images from the venerable Edradour Distillery, established in 1825…


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